March 2016. RESPECTA® equipment was put into operaiton


March 2016. RESPECTA® equipment was put into operaiton

4 March 2016

A great work has been done by the moment. The main task was to decide which equipment to prefer.

March 2016. RESPECTA® equipment was put into operaiton

Some producers of innovative technologies for industrial processing of solid and liquid matters were taken into consideration. After the careful examination of the outfit, we made our choice to the advantage of the German company RESPECTA®.

For more than 45 years RESPECTA® brand has become the synonym of the highest quality and economy of technologial solutions and industrial engineering of feeding, mixing and outloading processes.

The RESPECTA VacuCast® technology with the integrated vacuum system for the preparation of entirely bubble-free mixtures of mould stone is the indisputable advantage of the German company.

The higly-precised feeding of every component, both by volume and weight, the homohenization of solid and liquid matters with the use of special mixing screws and cantilever modules, taking very smartly a mixture on a high speed, whereupon it is moved into moulds, are carried out in the course of operating cycle. In addition to the standard plant monitoring by means of level, flow and pressure sensors, the supplementary options include the possibility of weight-flow rate mesuring and the adjustment of such parameters as viscidity, density, mixture quantity and its temperature.

The monitoring of the whole production process is carried out automatically by applying a programmable logical controller.The German specialists were invited to run the outfit and secure the highest quality and safety of manufacture process. The result of our collaborative work has been the well-functioning production line that allows to get nonporous mixtures (full absence of porosity), crystals equidistribute, complete colour and stone texture compliance.