On the way to perfection


On the way to perfection

6 September 2016

A conveying section for debugging the finished products has worked in full force on Salini factory.

On the way to perfection

After the recess the bath of the matrix form made the debugging the product to perfection. At the beginning the specialist on quality inspects the bath for the presence of micro-scratches, chips or other possible defects in the casting process. If something of the above problems found, during the manual grinding these shortcomings are easily eliminated.

Further the bath goes for a laser research, which is checked for the hidden imperfections. It is a very important stage of control, ensuring a long product life. If it is successful, the bath are sent to the gluing and cutting to the necessary size. Radial surface is adjusted using a grinder to approved Salini standards.

The next stage is a drilling drain holes and overflow diameter of 52. There is a verification for compliance with the technical regulations.

After maching the bath is thoroughly cleaned by hand with special cleaning agents.

Then be established trademark of Salini and assembled drain and overflow. Depending on the model of the product, the specialists make the installation of the frame with leveling feet in height.

After all these actions they make a final visual inspection. If the bath meets all the requirements of the finished product Salini, it receives a unique number and signature stamp.

The final stage is the packing. Salini company uses three-layer packaging, guaranteeing perfect quality of each bath.