First of all, present-day design of the bathrooms
involves the aesthetic of the individualism. Every
day the modern baths functionality are constantly
growing. And the manufacturers try to follow the
modern demands, providing a huge selection of
baths, different in form and style solutions, materials,
design features and the methods of installation.


Clear completed line, the perfect combination of form and materials are perfectly combined in the products for bathrooms by Salini. Unique interior items and exclusive baths provide unsurpassed comfort and aristocratic design, carrying in the era of Roman Baths.

According to the SolidSurface technology, the materials underline the status, and the embodied modern ideas form the common aesthetic and create a special mental attitude.

Every bend and every facet of the style of the Salini bathrooms are not random, the hard work of artists and craftsmen lies for the elegant simplicity. There are not the supporting roles in such an interior - the expensive inlay, graceful details and accessories in the bathroom decor on the photo represent the philosophy of the beauty and the fastidiousness for lovers of the unparalleled perfection.

Actual Bathroom Design 2016, embodying the luxury and grandeur, creates the ease that will provide the pure relaxation of body and strengthen the spirit. Having a bath here is perceived as one of the most affordable and effective ways to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Excellent quality and a noble bathroom design support an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, creating a unique aesthetic and a high level of the comfort. Environmentally friendly materials provide the excellent protection against the conventional cosmetic problems such as limescale or fungi.

Unique decisions of the bathroom styling from the collection of the 2016, having a personalized design, bring us back to the era of magnificent architectural forms and luxury bathing.