Plumbing Design

Salini SRL brand dates back to the XVIII century. At
that time, a powerful industrial flow production had
started in Tuscany and Lombardy. The pipe from the
company's logo is a pipe from the traditional pottery
workhouse of the northern Italy from the 18th century.

Now, in the XXI century, the descendants of Salini
industrialists from Italy produce baths using natural
materials and innovative technologies.

Benefits of Salini SRL products

Salini S.r.l confidently takes its place in the manufacturing of modern equipment for premium wellness & SPA industry. The company’s collections are limited edition and known for their personalized designs.

Professional sculptors and artists make Salini bath accessories in classical Italian style with traditional motives of northern Italy of 16-18th centuries. Only natural sources and pure alloys are used for accessories: bronze, brass, nickel silver, aluminum, and copper.

Salini S.R.L plumbing perfectly combines perfect operating convenience, high aesthetics and excellent quality of the parts, which is strictly controlled at all production phases.

Features of the technology

Engineers from the Italian company have developed a unique composition of raw materials from natural sources. By weight, and other physical aspects, it is similar to natural stone but has a number of advantages by comparison. The initial product is characterized by the low thermal conduction what is a great value: the water temperature long keeps pleasant to the body; the product is very durable and can withstand large temperature changes without destroying its structure. Due to the complete absence of pores on the surface, it is very hygienic as it prevents accumulation and multiplication of bacteria, and is easy to maintain and clean.

Unique material of Salini SRL allows designers of the construction companies to offer bold and original designs of jointless structures.

You do not only see the result of Salini technology but also feel it with your body. Voids-free casting allows producing high strength baths with an ability to retain the accumulated heat for a long time. When touching a smooth, evenly heated, flat and smooth, silk-matt surface, you can’t help feeling deep aesthetic pleasure.

Enjoy the superior quality of Salini products ordering a bath in a supply online store!